Shan Cai (董杉菜)with her usual clothing and plaits

Shan Cai is a hardworking, tough girl who always defends the weak. She thinks herself as a 'weed' of her school. She first likes Hua Ze Lei, but then starts to have feelings for Dao Ming Si. As her life gets tougher, she just keeps enduring, earning the respect of all the F4 boys and soon becomes good friends with them. As season one ends, season two continues with Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si struggling to keep thier relationship under the stress of Dao Ming Si's mother Daoming Feng (道明楓).


Season 1Edit

Shan Cai is born into a poor family which consists of her Mother (杉菜母), Father (杉菜父) and her. Shan Cai, whose parents are far from wealthy, attends Ying De University, the private school established exclusively for rich students. Besides being looked down by rich classmates, she has angered the leader of F4, Dao Ming Si. Their families are the founder of the school and nobody dares to cross them. Shan Cai isn't afraid to stand up to DMS, an act that nobody has done before, and sparks Dao Ming Si's interest in her. However, his constant torture of her has made her miserable while she falls in love with the gentle Hua Ze Lei, who comes to her rescue. As the story progresses, Shan Cai realises that she is beginning to like Dao Ming Si and the story progresses.

Shan Cai in the first season

Season 2Edit

F4 graduates from Ying De College. Dao Ming Si invites Shan Cai to go on F4's graduation trip with them to Spain, which is actually F4's way of letting Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si spend some time alone. Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai becomes inseparable during the trip because Dao Ming Si wants to buy balloons for her. Just before Shan Cai and Si leave for Spain, Hua Ze Lei gave Ah Si an envelope with a "smart advice" in it. When Ah Si opens the envelope, he finds that the advice from Hua Ze Lei was to ask Shan Cai to marry him in an old church with a legend. Dao Ming Si buys a "Meteor Ring" which Shan Cai had her eyes on, and prepares to propose to her in a church that had special meanings of "love".

However, on the way to the church, Dao Ming Si gets into a car accident which had causes him to lose his memory. The sudden disappearance of Dao Ming Si causes Shan Cai to worry, so she asks Jing to help her. The other three members of F4 also came to Spain immediately after they hear the news.

What follows is a story full of ups and downs as Shan Cai tries to find Dao Ming Si and help him regain his memory.


Shan Cai in season 2


Dao Ming Si Edit

Dao Ming Si is the leader of F4 who at first dislikes Shan Cai. But after many attempts to kick her out of the school, Shan Cai still stands strong. Dao Ming Si takes intrest in her for being the only person who dared to stand up to him. As the story progresses, Dao Ming Si begins to fall in love with Shan Cai. Although Shan Cai dislikes him at first, she eventually falls in love with him because of Dao Ming Si's love for her.

Dao Ming Si

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